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An exclusive rope developed by the brand Still in Black ! A polyamide monofilament structure to ensure both playability and longevity. Made in France !


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4 years of research and development in France in partnership with the world leader in polyamide monofilament ropes to develop this innovative string that will meet the expectations of many regular players or competitors! 

The X 12 rope uses patented Dual Dynamics ® technology that meets performance and protection goals without compromise. Its 100% polyamide composition and its simple structure offer a double benefit: a damping internal structure associated with an elastic outer skin. 

Role of the heart: It dampens the impact of the ball, absorbs the vibrations and the harmful energy for more comfort and touch. The skin thus stores a maximum of energy.

Role of the skin: very elastic, it returns all the energy stored by shortening and promotes explosiveness to the striking in the image of a spring! 

The results of a study conducted for the manufacture of this rope show that polyester monofilament ropes have qualities of control, resistance to wear and reactivity. But this type of rope is rigid and generates vibrations that can cause fatigue to the arm. 
In contrast, multifilament ropes are more flexible, more elastic and require less effort during the strike but they are less resistant and less responsive (therefore, less control).

The specific construction of the X12 rope mixes the qualities and benefits of each of these two families of ropes for a global result. 

The Still in Black X12 allows you to have powerful and precise strikes with a touch rather “dry” but to keep a playing comfort that will protect the muscles and tendons of your arm. 

With the comfort of a multifilament, the X12 is nevertheless a monofilament to increase the performance of the player. It boosts the impact force while preventing the risk of injury.  It also offers a long and very soft impact to the hit for better touch and explosive hit .

The X12 has an elongation of 12% at a tension of 25 kg, 4 times higher than a monofilament Polyester and as much to see more than a multifilament … 

The difference between the Still in Blanck X10 and X12: the characteristics of game these 2 lines are close but the x10 is deformed a little less impact and offers a touch more explosive than the X12 will be softer.


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